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Abraham Siafa 002I would like to take a moment and congratulate my brother and co-laborer in Christ, Rev. Abraham Siafa, on the recent release and launch of his new CD (Destined to Reign) and book (Keep Your Vision Alive). He is a very talented singer, songwriter, and musician as well as an accomplished author. But most of all, he is a son of the King and uses his talents and gifts to worship Him and share His love, and the greatest story ever told, with others.

The following is taken from the back cover of Bro. Abraham’s book: Keep Your Vision Alive.

“Abraham M. Siafa is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a Pioneer, Author, Singer, Musician, and Songwriter. He is also CEO of Springs of Joy, a ministry started in 2007 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Its mission is to reach the lost at all cost, especially through music. Abraham M. Siafa pioneered events in Sierra Leone including the Gospel Music Awards, Bowl of Praise (the biggest worship event with an estimated 10,000 people at the National Stadium), Wonderful Worship School of Music, and a weekly radio program – Springs of Joy Hour on Radio BBN FM 93.0. He has also worked with less fortunate and underprivileged children in Freetown and Bo in Sierra Leone.

Arriving in the USA in 2010, Abraham M. Siafa started the Gems of Africa Recognition Awards in 2012, where he honors Africans making a difference in their communities. He is the author of several books: Keep Your Vision Alive, Your Purpose and Destiny, and Praise Your Way Out (currently in production). He also has one Gospel CD to his credit called Destined to Reign.

Abraham M. Siafa believes in celebrating success and empowering others to succeed. He is blessed with two wonderful girls: Praise and Precious.”

Abraham Siafa CD and Book Launch - Keep Your Vision Alive 001Do you have a vision that is burning within you? Are you about to abort your God-given vision? Are you faced with obstacles and challenges that are so overwhelming that you want to give up? Are you afraid of making decisions? Then your answer is here.

Keep Your Vision Alive will help you understand vision, make better decisions, envisage possible obstacles and know how to overcome them. Visionaries rule the world. You have a contribution to make on planet earth. You can live your dream. Your dream is possible and you can begin again. Congratulations!

Dear Bro. Abraham, I pray your CD and book are a success and that they speak God’s Word to all who hear/read. May it bring forth many blessings for them and for you.

For everyone else… If you are interested in acquiring copies of Bro. Abraham’s CD, books, or other published materials, please contact him by email:

In Christ’s service and yours,

Bro. Chris

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