Ebola Outbreak in Liberia

Ebola Outbreak 001Please help! Diaspora Global Ministries has tried its best, with God’s grace, to survive the death and destruction of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia. The picture at the right is of the body of Pastor James Cole being collected and taken away. He died just a few days ago. He is one of many who have died since the outbreak began. Over thirty (30) orphans under the care of God’s Mercy Children’s Care Foundation (founded and managed by Diaspora Global Ministries) have lost the aid and assistance of their benefactors because the benefactors have died from the Ebola virus.

These conditions result in isolationism. Everyone is isolated from everyone else for fear of catching and spreading the virus. Everyone is afraid of dying and justifiably so… many are dead or dying. There is no room at the hospital either because this is so widespread. There are little to no food supplies to go around as people are unable to go out and acquire food. As a result people are also dying from hunger and thirst.

Please help. Please help these unfortunate people by blessing them with just a portion of what God has blessed you with. Even if it is small, a tax deductible gift of any amount would go a long way in helping to secure food, water, and medical supplies for the victims of the Ebola outbreak. May God richly bless you exceedingly beyond your ability to measure as you open your heart to help these people who are in desperate need.

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