Joel Mikiburi Needs a Tonsillectomy

Zakayo and Joel Mikiburi 001

Joel Mikiburi is the son of Rev. Zakayo Mikiburi of Olorei Independent Fellowships. He is ill and is in desperate need of a tonsillectomy. Please help Saved by Grace Ministries raise the $300 the doctors are requesting to perform the procedure. Bro. Zakayo and Joel are asking for your help. Please consider donating today so Joel can receive the surgery he needs You may make your tax deductible donation of any amount by clicking the Donate button below.

UPDATE (07-25-2016): Thanks to the generosity and compassion of the WMU (Women’s Missionary Union) and Men’s Ministry of Double Springs Baptist Church, Joel received the tonsillectomy he so desperately needed and is recovering from the surgery by the grace of God. Bro. Zakayo, Joel, and Saved by Grace Ministries praise God for answered prayer.

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