Mr. Ennis Howard Jr.

Mr. Ennis Howard Jr.
Mr. Ennis Howard Jr.

Bro. Ennis discovered his passion for teaching while working as substitute teacher.  This discovery started the transition from something he could do to something he must do. Throughout his twenty two years in education, he has continued to fuel his passion and add to his abilities. A dedicated educator and relentless thinker, Bro. Ennis has been an educational specialist for twelve years. Throughout his twenty years in education, he has continued to hone his ability to teach, solve problems, and motivate. He is a very creative, articulate communicator able to effectively interact with diverse audiences.

Bro. Ennis was a specialist in the Office of Student Teaching in the Dallas Independent School District and an adjunct professor at Brookhaven College where he taught ESL. Additionally, he provides the ESOL TExES review workshops for the Region 10 Educational Service Center. He also served as the Region 10 Mentor for the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE). He delivered the opening keynote to the 2006  Region 10 Regional TAFE Conference. He taught at North Dallas High School for seven years and Adult Basic Education for two years.

Currently, he is working as a speaker/consultant for Ennis Howard Jr & Associates.  Additionally, he is a photographer and the founder of the 7 Letter Project. Not one to stray too far from teaching, he teaches English as a volunteer at a  local church in Garland.

His facility with Apple computers has enhanced his skill set. He implemented an online workshop registration system for student teachers. He designed the DVD and companion training to replace the FOCUS CD for teachers new to the district and created the multimedia introduction to the 2005 New Teacher Fair. As a teacher, he won a Junior League Grant for integrating technology in the classroom.

He has varied and extensive presentation/workshop experience. In the Dallas ISD, he has led workshops for alternative certification teachers, new teachers, ESOL teachers, and mentor teachers. He has also given demo lessons. Outside the district, he has presented at a variety of national conferences including the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics, National Science Teachers Association, National Association for Bilingual Education, National TESOL Conference and the New Teacher Center National Symposium.

Bro. Ennis received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He received his ESOL and Secondary Reading certifications through the Dallas ISD‘s Alternative Certification Program.

Areas of Expertise

  • Presentation
  • Presentation Design
  • Apple Computers
  • Photography

Bro. Ennis enjoys problem-solving and innovation. His strengths are persistence, self-motivation, creativity, and integration of ideas.

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