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Rev. Christopher M. Fulgham

Through God’s grace, I write posts containing Bible studies, devotions, sermons, testimonies, and posts which strive to answer the question, “What does the Bible say about it?”

The following posts contain information, which is not categorized elsewhere. I hope you find them edifying.

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Bro. Chris

Update (01-28-2015): Bivon Nyamwamu Makori

Bivon Nyamwamu Makori

Saved by Grace Ministries regrets to report that Bivon has died. Read more...

Update (01-26-2015): Bivon Nyamwamu Makori

Bivon Nyamwamu Makori

Bivon has been readmitted to the hospital. His wounds are infected and the doctors say he needs "supporters" for his spine. The doctors are demanding $450 for labor and $280 for the spine "supporters". It is critical Bivon receive this… Read more...

Update: Bivon Nyamwamu Makori

Bivon Nyamwamu Makori

As many of you know by now, Bivon Nyamwamu Makori is an orphan under the care of Olorei Independent Fellowships and Nyarenda Children's Home Centre in Kenya. Saved by Grace Minisries brought him to your attention when he severely injured… Read more...

Happy New Year: Welcome 2015

As God ushers in a new year in your life, I pray you will make it a year in which you seek His guidance, His counsel, through daily, prayerful study of His Word and a rich and meaningful prayer life,… Read more...

Year End Giving (2014)

It is hard to believe; but, today is the last day of 2014. Tomorrow will be the start of a brand new year. The year has gone by quickly. Saved by Grace Ministries would like to thank you for your… Read more...

Miracle Received: Bivon Nyamwamu Makori

Bivon Nyamwamu Makori

A miracle was needed for Bivon Nyamwamu Makori. Bivon's doctors were threatening to discharge him from the hospital Monday morning, December 29, 2014, if they did not receive $700 to cover his medical expenses. With only hours to go before… Read more...

Miracle Needed: Bivon Nyamwamu Makori

Bivon Nyamwamu Makori

Bivon Nyamwamu Makori is in desperate need of a miracle. He suffered severe injuries to his back when he and four fellow orphans attempted to secure some food for their survival. Read more...

Please Pray for Me

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for me. I have been asked to preach the memorial service (via teleconference) in Kenya for the orphan who recently died while trying to secure food for himself and his fellow orphans… Read more...

Desperate Situation: One Dead and One Severely Injured

Hunger leads to one dead and one severely injured. Five (5) of the twenty (20) orphans, under the care of Olorei Independent Fellowships in Kenya (see Nyarenda Children’s Home Centre), felt the pangs of hunger so strongly, that they felt… Read more...

Christmas Giving

It is that time of year when we take a moment to celebrate the birth of God's Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; who in turn gave us the ultimate gift, the gift of salvation, by sacrificing Himself upon… Read more...

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