Where Is Your Next Meal Coming From?

Orphans 021 - NYARENDA CHILDREN’S HOME CENTREWhere is your next meal coming from? For many of you, the answer may be your kitchen pantry; for others, a brief visit at local grocery store; and yet others, a quick stop at a restaurant or fast food location. The truth is, many of us are truly blessed and have easy access to food and do not have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. Sadly, that is not the case with many, less fortunate, people around the world. Such is the case with the orphans under the care of Rev. Zakayo Mikiburi of Olorei Independent Fellowships at Nyarenda Children’s Home in Kenya. For Bro. Zakayo and the orphans under his care, each day is a constant struggle to find food for that day’s meal. That is right. You are very observant if you noticed I said meal (singular) rather than meals (plural). That is how difficult their struggle is. They are fortunate enough just to come up with one meal much less more. While we sit comfortably in air conditioned rooms eating three or more meals a day and snacking when we are the least bit hungry, children like the ones under Bro. Zakayo’s care do not know if they are going to get even a single meal that day.

Please help. Your tax deductible donation, of any amount, can help buy bags of rice and other food for these orphans and other less fortunate individuals so they can have a meal and stave off the pangs of hunger they battle with each and every day. Simply click the Donate button below. Please help feed the orphans of Nyarenda Children’s Home. May God richly bless you for your generosity and compassion. Thank you.

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